August 11,2017

So today marks a very special day for me! I have been wanting to create my own blog page for a pretty long time. I have always loved writing, when I wasn’t told to write of course in school. There is just something so freeing about it. So a little bit about myself.. I love photography, helping others, painting (also painting furniture). I am currently in school to become a hair stylist. I will be a licensed Cosmetologist by the end of this year December 2017. I have worked so hard at it. I want to specialize in Color, and helping brides look and feel there best. I will provide all services when I have my license. Something else I haven’t mentioned yet, I love to travel! I want to travel the 🌎. My dream job would be to be a full time travel blogger or flight attendant. I have currently been to Mexico, Florida, Nevada, Kentucky, New Mexico, Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia, as well as many other places. My favorite place most definitely would have to be Cozumel, Mexico as well as Cancun. I like to ski my first time was when I was younger. I went with my Mom and Grandpa to Santa Fe Mexico. Although I don’t go often I would love to be able to go whenever I want to. Before I turn 27 I would like to have a dream board made, and more than half of those things marked off my bucket list. I like helping others. (Organizing/cleaning/ encouraging others) etc.



So my Name is Madison, this is my new blog. Feel free to follow me on my journey. I was raised in a small town. I enjoy being outdoors. To tell you a little bit about myself, I enjoy being silly. Don’t take me too seriously when all I want to do is be funny in the moment. I enjoy the back roads. And this will be it for now.